This is my new University.

I am a full-time BSBA student at the University of the Incarnate Word.

My Political Cartoons | a Gallery

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Pull It!

Fun little sketch I did with an app called Mischief-free.

Fun little sketch I did with an app called Mischief-free.

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This is a hypothetical business model for a class I’m taking at UIW.

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Drake DeLucca | Production Singer Demo

These are some clips of me performing in Production Shows on various cruise ships.

I was the lead singer on the largest cruise ship in the world, RCCLs Liberty of the Seas. I’ve performed professionally on cruise ships, in theaters and in casinos around the world.

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Drake DeLucca| Guest Entertainer Demo

Drake is also a guest entertainer, performing in theatres around the world.

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Always “Like a Girl” Shameful & Predatory

Wow! Always (feminine products) should be ashamed!!!

They have a wonderfully touching girl-power campaign going at the moment that seems like such an empowering statement. They ask simple questions that seem intuitively truthful. Beware! It’s a trick.

The basic statements #LikeAGirl

When did doing something “like a girl” become an insult? Is “like a girl” a good thing? A girl’s confidence plummets during puberty. Always wants to change that. How do you think it affects a 10 or 12 yr-old when “like a girl” is used as an insult. What advice would you give? (Answer) Keep doing it ‘cause it’s working. They ended with : Let’s make #LIKEAGIRL mean amazing things. Join us to champion girls’ confidence at Why can’t “run like a girl” mean “win the race”? It ended with an automated underlining of “rewrite the rules”.

Oh my God, this is genius!!! Talk about preying upon the vulnerability of your public! Wow!!! This ad takes the cake! That’s a beautiful tactic!

There is a tactic that magicians are known to use to trick people – it’s called a “misdirection”. They distract you from what they’re actually doing with some dramatic series of events, so you are questioning another event rather than the basis of the illusion. Basically, they distract you from asking the productive questions that would reveal their trickery. Yes there ARE bad questions – the ones that take you in an unproductive loop. This is what their commercial does. All feminists should BOYCOTT Always for using this tactic to make money.

The assumption purported is that the statement “like a girl” is quintessentially an insult used by society to destroy the confidence of women and keep them in a state of subservience. Let’s break it down:

  1. “When did doing something ‘like a girl’ become an insult?” – My answer… as soon as girls started concentrating on things that they don’t inherently do very well instead of all the great things that they’re better at.
    1. Girls are inherently (generally speaking) not as good at some things that have to do with physical prowess. The obvious insult is to say that you are trying to do something that you inherently cannot do as well as the boys can.
    2. The productive questions might be:
      1. Are you wasting your time trying to compete in an arena that boys are usually more adept at doing? No. Just because boys have greater potential doesn’t mean a girl cannot be pretty darned good at it too. They just have to work harder at it.
      2. Would your time be better spent concentrating on things that boys really suck at? Maybe. For instance, the cortex that conjoins the two hemispheres of the brain is dramatically larger for girls enabling them to communicate and socialize on a level that boys cannot begin to compete with. These are areas that “like a boy” is so totally an insult. For instance, “You express like a boy.” Or maybe, “You empathize like a boy.” Being a straight guy in theatre I was often told that I couldn’t emote properly or feel deeply because I’m a guy. Not true, but I did have to work harder at it.
  2. “A girl’s confidence plummets during puberty.”
    1. I’m calling bullshit on this one. Yes. It might be true of most, but it’s just as true for boys. Anytime a person’s hormones are fluctuating, they’ll have confidence issues. This is a basic survival mechanism to keep a person from stepping up to a threatening situation when they are not in top form. Every pubescent kid has major hormonal swings when their brain is convincing them that they are not good enough to meet some challenge – i.e. wrecking their self-confidence.
    2. Some of these social standards actually empower certain individuals at puberty.
      1. The most obvious measure of a “man” is a large penis. Often guys with large genitalia come to an awareness of this at puberty and find a new frame of confidence previously un-realized. You can call me anything in the book. It might be true but at least mine is bigger than yours, so it’s water off a ducks back to me. I’m always a bigger man than you.
      2. Likewise – breasts are an obvious social measure of femininity. Girls who have large breasts at an early age are often found to be much more confident during puberty and afterward. I use this often to gather small-breasted females as confidants. All I have to do is call a girl with big tits & a pushup bra a “bitch” under my breath and the other girls know I am on their side. Tactics.
  3. “Always wants to change that.”
    1. They are not changing the fact, only shaming the shamers. The more appropriate thing to do would be to explain why girls should feel no need to compete in an arena that is inherently a boy’s field. I was the slowest guy on my track team but I still was faster than some of the fastest girls in the State. There is no need for girls to feel that they HAVE to compete with or compare themselves to guys in this area.
    2. What are they changing? The social insult that is a statement of inherent ability. It’s not a changeable state. The girls will always run, jump, throw, etc. not-as-good-as the boys unless they enhance with male hormones.
    3. The fact that this is even an issue is because young girls are not taught what they are inherently the best at. In ignorance they are trying to do things they’ll never be the best at. Are they worthwhile endeavors? Yes. I suck at gaining big muscles. Therefore I try twice as hard to get strong. You could “insult” me by saying that I gain muscle like a girl. Ouch. That hurts, as true as it is. But how many girls want to look like a male bodybuilder? Muscley girls are not much of a social imperative. If I told a girl that she gains muscle like a girl, she generally wouldn’t be that insulted because society never said that she should look like a male bodybuilder. In fact, society usually insults those girls who do. I don’t.
    4. Girls should be told to not try to run like a boy because their hips are different and the mechanics are different. Can they still get good at running? Yes. But it’s a different kind of “good-at-running” than simply speed. They can be great at running like a girl.

I could go on and on, but I think I’ve made my point. Was it a genius tactic – to prey upon the insecurities of women? It definitely arouses emotions. It definitely escalates people along that “ladder of Engagement”. It commands action in some profound ways. Still, it is the most offensive tactic I have seen in a very long time, preying upon young girls’ emotions for corporate profit. Genius… yet shameful.


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Social Media Response Assessment | College

This is something that finally freaking makes a little bit of practical sense.

Chart of Dell's Social Media Governance Process

Dell’s Social Media Governance Process

I am taking a Social Media class at the University of the Incarnate Word. It is part of my business degree concentration. I thought it would be a fun-filled class, complete with multiple postings to social media sites on a regular basis. WOW!!! I could not have been more wrong. We are beginning our 5th week, halfway finished and haven’t discussed any practical plan, usage or basic workflow within social media apps at all.

I am shocked!We have studied all kinds of theories and metrics, but where is the practical understanding? It’s like… reading about famous swimmers and their techniques for 4 weeks without even once dipping your toe in the water to see if it is the right temperature for swimming. It’s lunacy, I tell ya!!!!!

Finally on page 240 in chapter 5 I found sort of a practical flowchart. This is Dell’s Social Media Governance Process. That’s weirdo speak for an if.. then function. Which I guess is a pretty nerdy way of looking at it as well. Whatever. You should have seen our drawn-out discussion on a silly “Ladder of Engagement”.

It is some re-DIC’less, outdated approach to slowly engaging a customer through eliciting an ever-increasing amount of action. It’s sort of like the whole “bases” theory when dating a girl. You know… you date a girl a few times trying to get to first base. If you succeed, then you try to slowly progress on to second, third then after a long engagement, hopefully to home base, i.e. “SCORE!”. Nice. It might have worked that way for a few miserable weirdos out there, but that is not real for the majority. Either that chemistry that you both feel is really KICKING & you can’t keep off of one another… or it ain’t!!! Heck, I lost track of how many girls that were being worked up some phony ladder of engagement while I was secretly hitting homers with ’em after their date with Joe Loser. Forget that Ladder! That ain’t REAL!!!

If you aren’t scoring with your social media tactics within a couple encounters, then your strategy SUX!!! Give it up & let a real STUD show you how to SCORE more consistently.

Ladder Shmatter. If you ain’t hitting homers then it don’t even matter.

How ’bout you guys out there in the real world; do you remember taking a class that was all theory and completely impractical? Would it have been better to have a class that was all technical without the theory? Or do you prefer a class that is a little of both? Personally I like both, but I crave the hands-on approach.


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Political Leaning | Liberal Capitalist


First of all this is a whimsical post. If you get all uptight about it you ought to just lighten up. I get along with people. I like people and they generally like me because I’m a friendly guy.

But I apparently surprise people. I have lots of different people that I call friends. I don’t mind that they have very strong and often opposing views from mine. I am open minded. I am a liberal thinker who enjoys differing opinions. Yet I rarely party, don’t have tattoos or piercings, am not a professor, love Jesus, read my Bible and go to a very conservative church.

Someone recently was quite surprised to find that I purported to be a Christian although I was someone who she thought was not a jerk. I said “Thanx.” She was a lesbian and socialist. One of those things I am not. My Democrat friends are always astounded that I am not offended by capitalism. I love capitalism. The idea that I should be able to work hard, benefit society and in return receive the fruits of my labor, seems intuitive to me. Any Give & Take relationship beats the alternatives. G&G or T&T are the basis of a corrupt society. I am not overwhelmed by the image of a cold, cruel, evil capitalism that threatens to enslave the world. I realize that Capitalism can be moderately regulated by a few firm laws and that the responsible firms will create a win/win situation for our world.

Although I am a Christian, I absolutely do not want my laws to be based on any one particular religion. Today it may be my religion but tomorrow it may be someone else’s. Of course I have strong opinions about abortion and capital punishment and gay marriage and refugees and illegals and what-not. I feel like we can create a system that helps us all get along while protecting our individual freedoms. My religious views on the subject are absolutely irrelevant.  There are sins that are evil and sins that are deviations. We should make laws that discourage evil. Your deviant sinfulness is between you and God and rarely affects me until some socialist government takes my money to help you deal with the consequences.What?! Yes, I said it. If you messed up, you should be held responsible. I should not be made to support those who cannot support themselves. Do I believe in charity? Absolutely! But a personal approach is a moral imperative that should not be dictated by government. Certain escapes should be made to protect vulnerable people from predators, but for the most part I believe that we get ourselves in our own messes. I know there are racist, sexist and otherwise bigoted people. They have a right to be nasty. I don’t generally hang out with mean people though. They seem to enjoy hating each other though, so who am I to judge? As long as I am protected from their evilness, I am happy to go on loving my people.

My conservative friends know that I go to church and think I am one of them. I just smile and try not to offend them. Yes, this post will probably offend them. Lighten up, guys. I love you. Here are some basics that will help you understand me more. I’ll expound upon it more later.

  • I believe in freedom for all citizens who do not impede others’ freedom.
  • People work harder and make life better for everyone if allowed to enjoy the fruits of that labor.
  • People become more efficient at providing for themselves and others if they are allowed to truly prosper.
  • People need to be able to express themselves creatively without fear of permanent legal ramifications.
  • Capitalism encourages production and will make this world a better place for all.
  • If everyone gets rich, that’s OK. I don’t hate rich people for having more than me.
  • There are nice people. Let them prosper and they will take care of the needy.
  • There will always be those who are smarter, more creative and more productive than I am. I hope they thrive.
  • Individualism is fun. I am so glad other people are not like me.
  • Capitalism creates a lot of fun stuff. Have fun with it. It’s not a sin.
  • Don’t just tolerate folks. Love each other. Then we can be more productive and create more stuff.
  • Work well with others. You’ll be more productive and so will all those weirdos that are different from you.
  • If we all create plenty and are allowed to buy & sell plenty, we tend to chill and love people more.

Liberal Capitalism will create a more fun and peaceful world for all. Embrace it… and one another. Unless you stink. Then just give me a fist pump.

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Blue Aliens & Refugees

My son had a bad dream last night about aliens being caught up in a storm & blown onto another planet. Some blue alien kid with a crest on his head was trying to help this family, but his dad was really mad because they had laws telling him not to help them.
Wow! How relevant is that story today in some ways? We have laws that prevent us from doing good things in the name of protecting us from bad people. Then we have aliens coming here who we want to help but cannot because we will be harboring fugitives.
We may have too many laws or too few laws. That doesn’t concern me as much as the fact that we have bad laws that are non-productive. Good people should never be prevented from doing good in the name of protecting them. BUT (and this is a big but) they should be held responsible for any harm that comes to others by the “good” they are performing. Likewise, the government should write laws that enable good people to assist where they feel compelled but should never impose that charity on the unwilling or ill-prepared.
So many people are completely offended by the Republicans who want to block refugees from coming here; good Christian folks should want to help. Right? Funny, I don’t see any of those people who want to force us to help the refugees, volunteering to house and transition these refugees into our world.
On the contrary, we should allow those who want to help the refugees to do so, but they should be held completely responsible for any harm that comes upon other citizens because of their charitable actions. If people want to sponsor an alien they already can, but they currently will be held responsible. I don’t see many people rushing to sponsor them. Why are they rushing to force us to do what they themselves are not willing to do? I understand why Republicans can be so mean and nasty; there is a real risk. There are real issues, but the opportunity for good people to help is already in place and should not be diminished.
There is a place for government to really make a difference but it is against international laws at the moment. The governments should work on themselves and stop imposing hardship on the rest of the world. All of our candidates would do the wrong thing. They all wish to impose mandates that are counter-productive to people. Their ideas have little to do with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. None want to actually fix the problems in the world while protecting good people who want to do good. They ask all the wrong questions and give all the wrong answers. There are bad questions and we hear them incessantly.
There are over a Billion people on this planet who desperately need help and attention. In fact 70% of the world’s population makes less than $10 per day. That is a lot of poor people. There are only 300 Million of us here in the US. Far fewer are willing to help and take in the needy. Even fewer are able to provide and take responsibility for another person or whole family. Those few could help and should be allowed. They should be praised for their charity. Should they be assisted? No! They should only volunteer if they are willing and able to provide for, care for, teach, transition and take responsibility for their beneficiaries.
I don’t see a single politician who is suggesting anything remotely similar to what I am suggesting here. If you know of one or even know a politician suggesting a better alternative please keep me informed so I can throw my support in their direction. As far as the President’s SOTU and his obviously planted refugee guest “example” – the President would impose hardship on many for a political agenda that does not necessarily support America’s interests. He is not concerned about what is actually good for you, me or the refugees. He is a salesman with no one’s interest in mind but his own. Smooth words do not entice me.

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Drake M. DeLucca
9835 Wagon Train
Converse, TX 78109

(706) 888-1991


Areas of Expertise

Public Affairs
Web Publishing
2D & 3D Design

Multimedia Generation
Basic SEO practices

Stage and Camera
Messaging Implementation


  • Currently a Senior at UIW (BS in Business Admin concentration in Social Marketing).
  • Currently an artist and instructor at Painting with a Twist.
  • Mar 2011 – Oct 2014: Multimedia LED Director, Army Entertainment, FSH, TX
  • Nov 2010 – Mar 2011: Multimedia Illustrator, A Co. 8th Psychological Operations, Ft. Bragg, NC
  • Mar 2010 – Nov 2010: Entertainer, U.S. Army Soldier Show International Tour
  • June 2009 – Mar 2010: Multimedia Illustrator, C. Co. 8th PsyOp, Ft. Bragg, NC
  • Nov 2008 – May 2009: US Army Basic Training, and AIT, Defense Information School, Ft. Meade, MD
  • Mar 1991 – Oct 2008 Civilian sub-contractor, Entertainer/ Presenter, internationally in casinos, theatres, showrooms and cruise ships.


  • Coordinates with the artistic team as a liaison to the technical team in charge of multimedia creation for the US Army Soldier Show, a multi-million dollar, international, touring, musical production. Insured artistic and technical integrity.
  • Presenter/performer with over 20 years’ experience in the entertainment industry, controlling the creation of and/or communication of artistic intent for over 30 multi-million-dollar productions as well as dozens of smaller productions.
  • Public Affairs Representative for the US Army Soldier Show to include on-air/web/ radio & TV interviews. I was the “face” of the “face of the Army”.
  • Coordinated interviews with talent at various local media outlets around the US.
  • Scouted and acquired Soldier/talent for three $multi-million Musical World Tours.


Equipment Management

  • Assisted in the design of, maintained, supervised and was held accountable for a $1.5M server-based programmable lighting and LED presentation system for 2 international production tours with no equipment loss (2012-2013).
  • Designed, acquired, maintained and operated the secure portable office that facilitated international operations and communications for 36 Soldiers on 2 international tours (2012-2013).
  • Maintained and secured the historic Ft Sam Houston Theatre after its reconstruction, including the digital recording studio (2011-2014).


  • 130+ semester hours of Multimedia, Art, Web and Music undergraduate studies.
  • Currently a full-time BSBA student at University of Incarnate Word, San Antonio, TX.
  • Adobe Creative Suite training and certification – Army Individual Training.

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Drake’s Philosophy of Health | a Wellness Assignment

What is my Philosophy of Health?

I have such strong opinions about health because I have been injured many times and seem to catch everything coming around. My basic definition of a philosopher is someone who failed and had to stop and figure it out for himself. I have tried so many regimens of diet and exercise, only to be disappointed by most popular health and fitness magazines and fad diet books. How many people would agree that a glass of juice everyday is good for the immune system? It doesn’t work for me. As a matter of fact I have observed the opposite in my life. Vitamins are supposed to keep you from getting sick. They don’t do that for me either. I take vitamins, but for other reasons than to raise my everyday immune system or make me feel good.

People love to make general statements that sound good at first but don’t really stand up to scrutiny. If it rhymes or has some nice alliteration and is written in black and white, some people think it must be a true statement. People think that if it was stated by a doctor then it must have some basis in reality. Unfortunately, doctors are guilty of making these same “common sense” analyses with no reasonable documentation to back up their assertions. Once it has been stated by a few leading professionals, it is very hard to refute even the most nonsensical assumptions. In the end, much research has to be wasted to disprove something that was utterly un-provable in the first place. Doctors are not fallible and speak almost as much nonsense as the rest of us. They just happen to throw some nice truths in with it. Take it with a grain of salt. Avoid doctors like the plague because they are surrounded by too many idiots who actually do the dirty work and pass along too much infection and nonsense in the meantime.
Do I think all doctors are idiots? Noooooo. Most are surprisingly intelligent and well-read. Some are even gifted healers. As well, many healthcare workers are extremely gifted and caring individuals. Unfortunately every time I visit the hospital or doctors office I find myself surrounded by unhealthy people, depressing people and overwhelmingly scary predicaments that tend to be catchy. I have to endure people who love to brag about the severity of their medications and conditions. These are not states of mind or states of being that I want to surround myself by.
I do my best not to live under the influence of drugs. I am amazed at how many people half my age are depending on these drugs to keep them healthy. I remember being appalled at how many pills my grandmother took everyday to “stay alive”. I am even more aghast at the number of young adults and children who are now doing the same. I think no one ever told them that a manager will do their best to hire people who do not do drugs. Whether an employee is on prescription drugs or illicit drugs is absolutely unimportant. The fact is, anyone on any kind of daily drug regimen can be unpredictable, dangerous and generally a liability.
Pain is a necessary part of life. Pain sucks. Embrace the suck and drive on. If it hurts and can contribute to a more fulfilling life, continue to do it moderately until you get used to it. All exercise is painful unless you are used to it. All exercise is bad for you; that’s why your body overcompensates by making you stronger. When you have built up enough strength and toughness to endure that particular exercise with minimal discomfort, continue to maintain that strength while you hurt yourself in some other beneficial way. Be strong.
What doesn’t kill you does not necessarily make you stronger. The songs and mantras are fun, but I know too many people who have been injured for life and will never be the physical or spiritual demi-gods they previously were. There are near death experiences that one never really bounces back from, so be careful with this one life we have to live on this wonderful Earth that God created for us. We only get to enjoy pain here in this life so don’t overdo the pleasure. The meaning of life is pain that is utilized to create something beautiful. That is the wonder of Jesus.

Drugs are good. God created every leaf on every tree for our benefit. Use it to your benefit not your downfall. If you are irresponsible with your drugs then I will embarrass you in front of the world. I will tease you, ridicule you and call you bad names. Why? I will try everything I can to correct your bad behavior because the US government makes the healthy people pay the price of the unhealthy people’s healthcare. Otherwise I don’t judge you. I don’t think you are evil for having different priorities than me. I just want you to feel terrible for making me pay so much for your healthcare costs.
Likewise, fat people beware. I have taught my children to point and laugh at you. Obesity is the number one health problem in the United States and is fixable. Every fat person should be ashamed of extorting money from every thin, fit, healthy person. As long as I am a thin, fit, healthy person who is forced to pay too much for healthcare that I will most likely not need for 50, 60, 70 years, I have a right and responsibility to correct the irresponsible fat peoples’ lifestyles in this United States. If you want me to shut up then cancel Obama Care, Medicare and Medicaid. I generally don’t like to say anything that is not nice, but this injustice has been forced upon me. Fat people should have the right to live unmolested. They do not have that luxury in this United States as long as they are killing our healthcare system and extorting money from the healthy.
Otherwise, try not to be mean, judgmental or aggressive toward others. It’s not good for the soul or your basic health. I don’t agree with being tranquil unless this is your basic predisposition. I am naturally a hyper-tense guy. So are Chihuahuas. I’m not going to give a Chihuahua medication to calm him down and I’m not going to take medication to alter my basic state of mind either. I don’t believe it is necessarily bad for me to be a little uptight. I like the way I am. Calm people are either entertained or annoyed by my temperament. Don’t judge. Pretend I’m a Jack Russell Terrier who just wants to play a little too much.
Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Eat drink and be merry. Don’t drink skim milk; it’s not natural. Eat the whole egg not just the egg whites because God didn’t mess up when he made that nicely packaged food. Eat a little butter on your bread. It probably has more nutrition than your bread. Eat real cheese instead of cheese product. We are not the only animal that drinks the milk of another animal. Go to a barn and hang out under some cows. See where your food comes from. Eat meat. It’s the circle of life. God made you an omnivore not a herbivore. You can keep a tiger alive on a vegan diet with supplements, but he’ll never be the creature he was meant to be.
Supplements are just that… supplements. They are for filling in the nutritional holes left by not-so-nutritious foods. Eat nutritious foods. Take vitamins that are created from food sources so you don’t have to eat as much. If it turns your urine bright yellow then it’s not from food sources. Drink a lot of water but don’t overdo it. Eat your veggies! Enjoy your food. Enjoy your health while you have it. It will eventually fade. Run while you still can. Jump as far and as long as you can. Dance. Sing. Laugh. Love. Fail. Lift until you fail. Failure is the goal. If you don’t go until you fail then your body and mind doesn’t know that it needs to overcompensate. Pain and failure are the benchmarks of life.

I grew up with pain. It wasn’t severe pain, but I never ran without some amount of pain. Therefore I never played without pain. I associated all play and pleasure with pain. I’m lucky. I have seen athletes and warriors experience pain for the first time in their life. They sometimes let it completely overcome them and debilitate them for the rest of their life. That is so sad. I have seen them go to doctors for pain, take medication for that pain which leads to other complications and more medication. I have seen amazing warriors succumb to over-zealous doctors and die from complications of medications and unnecessary surgeries. Don’t accept the pain; love it. Embrace it as the proverbial thorn in your side that will make you a better person. When the pain subsides you’ll be on the other side.

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Theatre Ghost | Game Level in Unity

Theatre Ghost: (click here to play the game.)

This is my first game level. I created it in Maya and compiled it in Unity, a game engine. Use your arrows or “W,A,S,D” to play. Jump with the space bar. Have fun. Of course there is no objective to the game yet; this is simply the basic set design.

You are the Theatre Ghost! Be careful; everyone is out to get you. There are Screaming Diva Bitches and Wardrobe Witches, Flaming Mo’s and Insensitive Tro’s, Brutal Balerinas and Stealthy Tech Ninjas. You have to get them before they get you.

My set is some sweet, low-poly goodness that downloads quickly. I have used many tricks to give the illusion of a higher-resolution room, from my use of alpha channels to deep normals.

Enjoy your run-around. Get a different perspective by leaping on top of the furniture. Try to get to the center of the Catwalk without falling back down to the stage. Lose your head while trying to figure out the turntable in the basement. So many ways to die in this theatre. But you’re a ghost! You’ll regenerate until the Priest exorcises you from the premises, or the Wardrobe Witches lock you up for all eternity.

[unity src=”407″]

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Stencils | Mudbox

This was another fun project done in Mudbox. I was given a model to texture with the criteria of at least 24 logos on his suit. We had to use real-life references for the facial texture. I decided he needed to be mammalian-ish. He’s sort of cute, isn’t he? I must confess that I really love painting in 3D in Mudbox. It’s fun. Look at him. Of course he’s not real, but how much does his texture “pop”? Wow, fun.

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Normals On Steroids | Mudbox

Model by Adam Watkins. Texture and Normals by Drake DeLucca. This is some sweet low-poly goodness that I’ve painted in an Autodesk App, Mudbox.

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Sculpture | Subtractive



In my Sculpture I class I have completed a subtractive piece. “Subtractive” means that material is taken away to reveal the sculpture within. I think I spent more time on this one piece than I have on anything else in my entire life. The initial carving was in floral foam which was tedious but fun. The latter phases were much more difficult and pain-staking. We brushed on Behr paint. Then we covered it with joint compound and sanded. Then I sprayed about 100 coats of Krylon Acrylic on it. Below is the final product.
02 03 04 05

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Architectural Rendering | Maya | V-ray

In Set/ Level Design class we had to model and light a room in Maya with V-ray. It had to be accurate according to our research of an actual room. I chose a nail salon in Austin, TX that had some nice ambience. I had never been to a nail salon so I had to do some further research to be accurate. Unfortunately, one of the critics from an architectural firm, grew up helping manage his family nail salon. I couldn’t get anything over on that guy. It had to be exact. It’s been fun. I like the way it came out.

Entrance Far Corner Sitting Down Nail Polish

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Normals | Maya | Crazy Bump

This was a fun week in my Intro to Animation and Game Design class. We learned a little about Normals and an application called Crazy Bump. Normals are an extended version of Bump Mapping. They allow the bump to respond to the lighting in your scene. That means, instead of simulating the bump of the texture, the lights highlight and give shadow to the bump. As the lights move across the object, the shadows and highlights also shift with the bump texture that has been applied. If you are clever you can really change the feel of your character in a dramatic way. Below I’ve embedded my character with the previous texture and a comparison with normals. I was so proud of my texture job. To see it next to the one with normals makes the earlier version look like a real pretty-boy who would never be seen on a battle field. My new hardened and scarred Soldier is ready for war!!!

Aegis Chung with Normals

His face is pitted and scarred like a guy who’s been a few rounds against the enemy and lived to never tell the atrocities he’s dealt.

Aegis Chung with Normals

Notice the wrinkles in his clothing and the depth of his chain mail on his shoulders.

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Character Texturing | Maya

I had the opportunity to texture my first character this weekend for my Intro to Animation class. For my first time, I think I did an awesome job. We’ll see how everyone else did. This guy is very low-poly, yet I gave him some real depth. We were given a model that was already UV Mapped. I did remap his head, but the rest of him I kept as he was given to me. I seem to have a little bit of a difference of opinion against the usual head unwrap. I think I’ve found a much simpler solution that makes the face line up so much nicer.

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Quick Animated Banners in Photoshop

In Alicea’s Intro to Animation class, we had a fun task of creating an announcement banner for the head of the Department, Watkins. Adobe Photoshop has a timeline now. You can create animated GIFs that are very internet-and-device-friendly. This is especially useful since so many devices do not support Flash content.

Hang With Us Banner

Create a quick animated banner in Photoshop.

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Liquify Tool | Photoshop

Thandie Cyrus

Mission, if you choose to accept it: Take a beautiful star and make them look like someone else, using the Liquify Tool only, in Photoshop.

We were given a silly but fun task in my Intro to Animation class this week. We are discussing Adobe Photoshop. It is a necessity in the business to know lots about Photoshop. Everyone uses it. Yes. Everyone. The task was to take a photo from online of a beautiful star and make them look like someone else, using only the Liquify Tool. It seemed like Mission Impossible, so the first person who came to mind was Thandie Newton. (My wife and I had recently pulled out an old MI DVD and watched it.)

I could have chosen anyone to make her into. I thought of several others who were similar in skin tone and thought it would’t be quite as fun. So I chose to remake her into the über white Miley Cyrus. Wow. Freaky.

See (below) what I did to Beyonce by quickly conjoining her features with Mel Gibson. Awesome. I mean… awesomely ugly!!! Fun.


Beyonce with Mel Gibson’s mouth. Worse than the bride of Frankenstein

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