Select Pieces

These are just a few demonstrations of my talent that I am at liberty to present.


This is a Marvel Comics character that I have crafted in Adobe Illustrator using the Gradient Mesh Tool.


This is a Marvel Comics Character drawn in Illustrator with the Blob Brush and inked in Photoshop.

PsyOp Horse

This Trojan Horse is a vector design for a Battalion T-shirt. My design was chosen over many senior Illustrators.


This slightly menacing T-shirt design was sold to a motorcycle club in North Carolina.


This Company Motto Illustration was quite the morale booster for training.

Triumphus Persuasionis

Military Insignia are usually depicted as flat symbols. I chose to create the illusion of depth to characterize the depth of Purpose in the PsyOp Mission.

Michelle Obama

The First Lady is a lovely person. I had the opportunity to portray her with graphite on paper for a timed assignment.

General Officer

This was a timed assignment, graphite on paper.

Self Portrait

This was a timed self-portrait, pastel on paper.

Hugh Jackman

This was a timed assignment, pastel on paper.


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