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Gil Alicea

Gil Alicea

Professor Alicea is a fun guy who really knows how to break things down Barney style while maintaining attention.

Alicea's Work

Alicea’s Work

The other day we sat around and took a computer apart, and talked about what does what. Then we had a contest to see who could build the cheapest and most expensive computers online. In the graphics field Mac computers tend to be king, but in 3D animation PCs dominate. It became evident as we built the richest computer with great specs, why gamers and builders choose PCs. The team that was building on built an amazing computer for around $1700. A computer from with the minimum specs was only $1100. A comparable Mac was much more. I have done this in the past and still came up with a cheaper Mac with the right innards, but you really have to buy it right to justify it. My current Macbook Pro with a 2 GHz  Quad core i7 processor was only $800. Nice! Otherwise the minimum specs for a decent 3D animator’s build would be:

  • CPU: i7 Quad Core 2+GHz
  • Ram: 12Gb
  • GPU: 2Gb
  • Monitor: 24″ 1920 x 1080p

Let’s face it, professionalism isn’t always getting it done in the prettiest fashion. It’s all about getting it done fast, efficiently & right, while maintaining the bottom line.

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