Basic Anatomy of a Freak | Toms

Back Leg

The back leg always has the same parts.

In my drawing class tonight, Toms talked about basic anatomy. You cannot cheat on this. It doesn’t matter what kind of freak you are creating, the same basic principles are always at work. Although a giraffe has a stupendously long neck, it still has the same number of vertebrae in its neck as we do. It looks like a horses knee is bent backward to an amateur, but we all know that it has exactly the same parts as we do. The only difference is in which bones are elongated and bear the weight.

We also did our first flow studies. We drew some basic squiggles on a page, located the shoulders & hips, then sketched a figure in action. I always find this stimulating. You can play around with different body-types and extreme actions to make some really useable stuff. It reminds me of my favorite drawing book, How to Draw the Marvel Comic Way. I think that’s the name of it. It’s a basic drawing book by Stan Lee the Master of Marvel Comics, creator of everything from Hulk to Spiderman  to X-Men. You’ve seen him cameo in all the latest superhero movies. He’s da Man!!! And Graham Toms is right up there with him. Look at what he does as easily as you and I speak. Left hand or right, if there’s something to make a mark with, it’s sketching.

Toms @ the Board

Toms sketches incessantly. He did 4 of these during class like it was nothing.

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