Graham Toms

Graham Toms

Graham Toms

Graham Toms is my Drawing-for-Animators teacher. He’s from Ireland and just started a batch of new beer before class. It sounded like a good IPA. I’ll hit him up for a sample in a couple weeks. He’s been around in the industry for quite some time, previously at Disney.

Some of the things we discussed in class:

  • Narrative is always important as an underlying element. Paint pretty and have a story.
  • If the poly flow is beautiful then the model will work.
  • HDRI – look it up., also on youtube.

Next class have an 18 x 24 sketchbook, 2 types of charcoal (willow & compressed), opt. pastels and a razor.

This guy sketches incessantly and paints about 70 works every year. He sells most. He said to never throw your sketches away; they come in handy. He has an interesting approach of sculpting a scene in 3D then painting it. Nice results.

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