Normals | Maya | Crazy Bump

This was a fun week in my Intro to Animation and Game Design class. We learned a little about Normals and an application called Crazy Bump. Normals are an extended version of Bump Mapping. They allow the bump to respond to the lighting in your scene. That means, instead of simulating the bump of the texture, the lights highlight and give shadow to the bump. As the lights move across the object, the shadows and highlights also shift with the bump texture that has been applied. If you are clever you can really change the feel of your character in a dramatic way. Below I’ve embedded my character with the previous texture and a comparison with normals. I was so proud of my texture job. To see it next to the one with normals makes the earlier version look like a real pretty-boy who would never be seen on a battle field. My new hardened and scarred Soldier is ready for war!!!

Aegis Chung with Normals

His face is pitted and scarred like a guy who’s been a few rounds against the enemy and lived to never tell the atrocities he’s dealt.

Aegis Chung with Normals

Notice the wrinkles in his clothing and the depth of his chain mail on his shoulders.

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