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This is something that finally freaking makes a little bit of practical sense.

Chart of Dell's Social Media Governance Process

Dell’s Social Media Governance Process

I am taking a Social Media class at the University of the Incarnate Word. It is part of my business degree concentration. I thought it would be a fun-filled class, complete with multiple postings to social media sites on a regular basis. WOW!!! I could not have been more wrong. We are beginning our 5th week, halfway finished and haven’t discussed any practical plan, usage or basic workflow within social media apps at all.
I am shocked!We have studied all kinds of theories and metrics, but where is the practical understanding? It’s like… reading about famous swimmers and their techniques for 4 weeks without even once dipping your toe in the water to see if it is the right temperature for swimming. It’s lunacy, I tell ya!!!!!Finally on page 240 in chapter 5 I found sort of a practical flowchart. This is Dell’s Social Media Governance Process. That’s weirdo speak for an if.. then function. Which I guess is a pretty nerdy way of looking at it as well. Whatever. You should have seen our drawn-out discussion on a silly “Ladder of Engagement”.It is some re-DIC’less, outdated approach to slowly engaging a customer through eliciting an ever-increasing amount of action. It’s sort of like the whole “bases” theory when dating a girl. You know… you date a girl a few times trying to get to first base. If you succeed, then you try to slowly progress on to second, third then after a long engagement, hopefully to home base, i.e. “SCORE!”. Nice. It might have worked that way for a few miserable weirdos out there, but that is not real for the majority. Either that chemistry that you both feel is really KICKING & you can’t keep off of one another… or it ain’t!!! Heck, I lost track of how many girls that were being worked up some phony ladder of engagement while I was secretly hitting homers with ’em after their date with Joe Loser. Forget that Ladder! That ain’t REAL!!!

If you aren’t scoring with your social media tactics within a couple encounters, then your strategy SUX!!! Give it up & let a real STUD show you how to SCORE more consistently.

Ladder Shmatter. If you ain’t hitting homers then it don’t even matter.

How ’bout you guys out there in the real world; do you remember taking a class that was all theory and completely impractical? Would it have been better to have a class that was all technical without the theory? Or do you prefer a class that is a little of both? Personally I like both, but I crave the hands-on approach.

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