Theatre Ghost | Game Level in Unity

Theatre Ghost: (click here to play the game.)

This is my first game level. I created it in Maya and compiled it in Unity, a game engine. Use your arrows or “W,A,S,D” to play. Jump with the space bar. Have fun. Of course there is no objective to the game yet; this is simply the basic set design.

You are the Theatre Ghost! Be careful; everyone is out to get you. There are Screaming Diva Bitches and Wardrobe Witches, Flaming Mo’s and Insensitive Tro’s, Brutal Balerinas and Stealthy Tech Ninjas. You have to get them before they get you.

My set is some sweet, low-poly goodness that downloads quickly. I have used many tricks to give the illusion of a higher-resolution room, from my use of alpha channels to deep normals.

Enjoy your run-around. Get a different perspective by leaping on top of the furniture. Try to get to the center of the Catwalk without falling back down to the stage. Lose your head while trying to figure out the turntable in the basement. So many ways to die in this theatre. But you’re a ghost! You’ll regenerate until the Priest exorcises you from the premises, or the Wardrobe Witches lock you up for all eternity.

[unity src=”407″]

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