Family Building

Family With Our Gingerbread HouseNow that’s family-building. OK. Bad pun. That’s my family. We just built our first gingerbread house together. It was awesome fun. I really cannot believe it came out so great-looking considering how much input we allowed Zsolti to have. From the mixing of the batter, to the roll-out, to the assembly and decoration, we all played a part. Well, Gabor did very little besides add a lot of love and slobber, but we don’t plan to feed it to anyone else.

Being in the Army and a Soldier who’s away from my family half of every year means, Christmas is a time of catching up. We don’t mind if the boys make a mess. We’ll clean up. We don’t care if they get too tired and whine a lot. We’ll tolerate it and get to bed early. Heck I have PT at 0630 in the morning anyway. Christmas is fun and nothing is gonna spoil it.

Zsolti got the race-car he wanted. He was soooooo funny when he woke us up this morning. “Daddy, you gotta see this. You gotta see this!” He got just what he wanted. Of course he did. Tunde PsyOped him into wanting exactly what Santa was going to bring him. My wife’s got SKILLZ. Gabor was happy as snot about everything. Lots of sweets. Lotsa toys. Nothing else matters.

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