Drake’s Philosophy of Health | a Wellness Assignment

What is my Philosophy of Health?

I have such strong opinions about health because I have been injured many times and seem to catch everything coming around. My basic definition of a philosopher is someone who failed and had to stop and figure it out for himself. I have tried so many regimens of diet and exercise, only to be disappointed by most popular health and fitness magazines and fad diet books. How many people would agree that a glass of juice everyday is good for the immune system? It doesn’t work for me. As a matter of fact I have observed the opposite in my life. Vitamins are supposed to keep you from getting sick. They don’t do that for me either. I take vitamins, but for other reasons than to raise my everyday immune system or make me feel good.

People love to make general statements that sound good at first but don’t really stand up to scrutiny. If it rhymes or has some nice alliteration and is written in black and white, some people think it must be a true statement. People think that if it was stated by a doctor then it must have some basis in reality. Unfortunately, doctors are guilty of making these same “common sense” analyses with no reasonable documentation to back up their assertions. Once it has been stated by a few leading professionals, it is very hard to refute even the most nonsensical assumptions. In the end, much research has to be wasted to disprove something that was utterly un-provable in the first place. Doctors are not fallible and speak almost as much nonsense as the rest of us. They just happen to throw some nice truths in with it. Take it with a grain of salt. Avoid doctors like the plague because they are surrounded by too many idiots who actually do the dirty work and pass along too much infection and nonsense in the meantime.
Do I think all doctors are idiots? Noooooo. Most are surprisingly intelligent and well-read. Some are even gifted healers. As well, many healthcare workers are extremely gifted and caring individuals. Unfortunately every time I visit the hospital or doctors office I find myself surrounded by unhealthy people, depressing people and overwhelmingly scary predicaments that tend to be catchy. I have to endure people who love to brag about the severity of their medications and conditions. These are not states of mind or states of being that I want to surround myself by.
I do my best not to live under the influence of drugs. I am amazed at how many people half my age are depending on these drugs to keep them healthy. I remember being appalled at how many pills my grandmother took everyday to “stay alive”. I am even more aghast at the number of young adults and children who are now doing the same. I think no one ever told them that a manager will do their best to hire people who do not do drugs. Whether an employee is on prescription drugs or illicit drugs is absolutely unimportant. The fact is, anyone on any kind of daily drug regimen can be unpredictable, dangerous and generally a liability.
Pain is a necessary part of life. Pain sucks. Embrace the suck and drive on. If it hurts and can contribute to a more fulfilling life, continue to do it moderately until you get used to it. All exercise is painful unless you are used to it. All exercise is bad for you; that’s why your body overcompensates by making you stronger. When you have built up enough strength and toughness to endure that particular exercise with minimal discomfort, continue to maintain that strength while you hurt yourself in some other beneficial way. Be strong.
What doesn’t kill you does not necessarily make you stronger. The songs and mantras are fun, but I know too many people who have been injured for life and will never be the physical or spiritual demi-gods they previously were. There are near death experiences that one never really bounces back from, so be careful with this one life we have to live on this wonderful Earth that God created for us. We only get to enjoy pain here in this life so don’t overdo the pleasure. The meaning of life is pain that is utilized to create something beautiful. That is the wonder of Jesus.

Drugs are good. God created every leaf on every tree for our benefit. Use it to your benefit not your downfall. If you are irresponsible with your drugs then I will embarrass you in front of the world. I will tease you, ridicule you and call you bad names. Why? I will try everything I can to correct your bad behavior because the US government makes the healthy people pay the price of the unhealthy people’s healthcare. Otherwise I don’t judge you. I don’t think you are evil for having different priorities than me. I just want you to feel terrible for making me pay so much for your healthcare costs.
Likewise, fat people beware. I have taught my children to point and laugh at you. Obesity is the number one health problem in the United States and is fixable. Every fat person should be ashamed of extorting money from every thin, fit, healthy person. As long as I am a thin, fit, healthy person who is forced to pay too much for healthcare that I will most likely not need for 50, 60, 70 years, I have a right and responsibility to correct the irresponsible fat peoples’ lifestyles in this United States. If you want me to shut up then cancel Obama Care, Medicare and Medicaid. I generally don’t like to say anything that is not nice, but this injustice has been forced upon me. Fat people should have the right to live unmolested. They do not have that luxury in this United States as long as they are killing our healthcare system and extorting money from the healthy.
Otherwise, try not to be mean, judgmental or aggressive toward others. It’s not good for the soul or your basic health. I don’t agree with being tranquil unless this is your basic predisposition. I am naturally a hyper-tense guy. So are Chihuahuas. I’m not going to give a Chihuahua medication to calm him down and I’m not going to take medication to alter my basic state of mind either. I don’t believe it is necessarily bad for me to be a little uptight. I like the way I am. Calm people are either entertained or annoyed by my temperament. Don’t judge. Pretend I’m a Jack Russell Terrier who just wants to play a little too much.
Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Eat drink and be merry. Don’t drink skim milk; it’s not natural. Eat the whole egg not just the egg whites because God didn’t mess up when he made that nicely packaged food. Eat a little butter on your bread. It probably has more nutrition than your bread. Eat real cheese instead of cheese product. We are not the only animal that drinks the milk of another animal. Go to a barn and hang out under some cows. See where your food comes from. Eat meat. It’s the circle of life. God made you an omnivore not a herbivore. You can keep a tiger alive on a vegan diet with supplements, but he’ll never be the creature he was meant to be.
Supplements are just that… supplements. They are for filling in the nutritional holes left by not-so-nutritious foods. Eat nutritious foods. Take vitamins that are created from food sources so you don’t have to eat as much. If it turns your urine bright yellow then it’s not from food sources. Drink a lot of water but don’t overdo it. Eat your veggies! Enjoy your food. Enjoy your health while you have it. It will eventually fade. Run while you still can. Jump as far and as long as you can. Dance. Sing. Laugh. Love. Fail. Lift until you fail. Failure is the goal. If you don’t go until you fail then your body and mind doesn’t know that it needs to overcompensate. Pain and failure are the benchmarks of life.

I grew up with pain. It wasn’t severe pain, but I never ran without some amount of pain. Therefore I never played without pain. I associated all play and pleasure with pain. I’m lucky. I have seen athletes and warriors experience pain for the first time in their life. They sometimes let it completely overcome them and debilitate them for the rest of their life. That is so sad. I have seen them go to doctors for pain, take medication for that pain which leads to other complications and more medication. I have seen amazing warriors succumb to over-zealous doctors and die from complications of medications and unnecessary surgeries. Don’t accept the pain; love it. Embrace it as the proverbial thorn in your side that will make you a better person. When the pain subsides you’ll be on the other side.

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