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My Nutrition Basics – My Philosophy, Not Science

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This is a basic sample of how I like to and do eat. My wife is awesome!!!

Many views abound when it comes to Nutrition. How can this be? Aren’t we all made of simple cells with similar needs? Absolutely not! All people are complex creatures with various deficiencies and genetic predispositions based upon their ancestry. Maybe my ancestors ate little meat and lots of grains. Well, I probably should eat a similar diet. Maybe my ancestors were hunters and ate lots of meat and veggies. I should follow their lead. How can you know? Some people are lucky enough to be pure-breeds. They can go back to the land of their ancestors and see how their people lived and ate. Most of us are pretty much mutts. We’ll have to do a little experimenting to discover what is right for our bodies.

I generally tend to operate according to a few basic philosophical principles when it comes to nutrition and diet:

  • God didn’t mess up. What comes from a farm is better than what is manufactured.
  • We didn’t evolve to become big-brained humans by excluding whole classes of foods. We are omnivores, not carnivores or herbivores.
  • Generally moderation and balance are the key… unless your goals are extreme. Then an extreme, yet healthy-ish approach is in order.
  • Clean eating is great. The body has systems that remove toxins. Don’t worry about a few toxins; they keep the systems running properly, but don’t overdo it often. Don’t test God.
  • Don’t be too picky. If you only eat the choice parts you will miss lots of nutrition. Eat a hotdog occasionally… and gnaw the ends of your chicken bones.
  • The body will repair itself if you provide the nutrition it needs to fix the issue. That being said, if you lose a finger because you carelessly thought you were tough enough not to get frost-bite, you’ll heal. But you’ll still only have 9 fingers.
  • Yes, some people are gifted and can draw nutrients from a rock & still look like gods. I’m not a god. I have to think about what I eat.
  • I live a vigorous lifestyle and eat accordingly. If you aren’t willing to chase a large beast, tackle it, overcome it, murder it and eat it, maybe you should eat a more docile diet. Otherwise you probably are not hormonally set to digest it properly.
  • People who are “into” artificial sweeteners and fat substitutes are killing their natural instincts of satiation. They will never be satisfied. They live a life of deception, fooling themselves, and often find comfort in tricking others into eating their unnatural non-foods with delightfully tasty recipes. It’s like a religion to these people. Don’t try to change their religion, just lead by example and maybe they’ll catch-on.
  • My good old-fashioned 93 year-old grandfather grew up eating potato chips dipped in lard, chased down with a gallon of sweet tea daily. And more salt than you can imagine. How did he survive past 35? Is it possible that fat, salt and sugar are not as bad for me as “they” say it is?
  • When you see articles about vegetarians outliving omnivores, remember that I, who eat lean meat and lots of veggies, am lumped into the same category as those who eat fast food for every meal. Don’t trust that kind of shaky science.
  • Jesus said that His people were the salt of the Earth. I don’t think he was saying that His people were bad for the other inhabitants. I also think he was in favor of having more of them. In that case, I’ll have a little more salt, please.
  • I eat real butter, real sugar and real fat. I think they are food and I would rather have real food in me than something that was manufactured to take its place.
  • I don’t think God messed up when he made a cow. I drink whole milk. Besides, the doctor won’t even let my babies drink the lighter milks. And, no; we are not the only animal that drinks the milk of another animal. Likewise I eat whole eggs because God also didn’t mess up when he made a chicken, and I don’t want to insult God.
  • I have heard all kinds of stories about pigs being dirty animals and why I shouldn’t eat pork. Chickens are just as disgusting. Fish are too. Think about where eggs come from. Honey is bee barf. Milk is pre-digested food. We’re human. We eat weird stuff. Shut up already!
  • I like my food cooked, generally. There are fringe obsessions with raw foods based on shaky science and faith. Those guys are the exception not the rule. Humans generally universally prefer their foods cooked. Maybe we were supplanted here by aliens and need our food to be cooked. Whatever. We all do it except for the freaks. There must be a reason.
  • Alcohol and caffeine are mysterious substances that occur naturally and have been proven to be of some cooky health benefit to us. Take them in their more natural forms. When you start drinking energy drinks instead of coffee and tea, and straight liquor instead of beer and wine, you are fooling your body like those zealots who prefer food-substitutes. You’re only a couple steps from smoking crack. Beware!!!

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