Blue Aliens & Refugees

My son had a bad dream last night about aliens being caught up in a storm & blown onto another planet. Some blue alien kid with a crest on his head was trying to help this family, but his dad was really mad because they had laws telling him not to help them.
Wow! How relevant is that story today in some ways? We have laws that prevent us from doing good things in the name of protecting us from bad people. Then we have aliens coming here who we want to help but cannot because we will be harboring fugitives.
We may have too many laws or too few laws. That doesn’t concern me as much as the fact that we have bad laws that are non-productive. Good people should never be prevented from doing good in the name of protecting them. BUT (and this is a big but) they should be held responsible for any harm that comes to others by the “good” they are performing. Likewise, the government should write laws that enable good people to assist where they feel compelled but should never impose that charity on the unwilling or ill-prepared.
So many people are completely offended by the Republicans who want to block refugees from coming here; good Christian folks should want to help. Right? Funny, I don’t see any of those people who want to force us to help the refugees, volunteering to house and transition these refugees into our world.
On the contrary, we should allow those who want to help the refugees to do so, but they should be held completely responsible for any harm that comes upon other citizens because of their charitable actions. If people want to sponsor an alien they already can, but they currently will be held responsible. I don’t see many people rushing to sponsor them. Why are they rushing to force us to do what they themselves are not willing to do? I understand why Republicans can be so mean and nasty; there is a real risk. There are real issues, but the opportunity for good people to help is already in place and should not be diminished.
There is a place for government to really make a difference but it is against international laws at the moment. The governments should work on themselves and stop imposing hardship on the rest of the world. All of our candidates would do the wrong thing. They all wish to impose mandates that are counter-productive to people. Their ideas have little to do with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. None want to actually fix the problems in the world while protecting good people who want to do good. They ask all the wrong questions and give all the wrong answers. There are bad questions and we hear them incessantly.
There are over a Billion people on this planet who desperately need help and attention. In fact 70% of the world’s population makes less than $10 per day. That is a lot of poor people. There are only 300 Million of us here in the US. Far fewer are willing to help and take in the needy. Even fewer are able to provide and take responsibility for another person or whole family. Those few could help and should be allowed. They should be praised for their charity. Should they be assisted? No! They should only volunteer if they are willing and able to provide for, care for, teach, transition and take responsibility for their beneficiaries.
I don’t see a single politician who is suggesting anything remotely similar to what I am suggesting here. If you know of one or even know a politician suggesting a better alternative please keep me informed so I can throw my support in their direction. As far as the President’s SOTU and his obviously planted refugee guest “example” – the President would impose hardship on many for a political agenda that does not necessarily support America’s interests. He is not concerned about what is actually good for you, me or the refugees. He is a salesman with no one’s interest in mind but his own. Smooth words do not entice me.

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