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First of all this is a whimsical post. If you get all uptight about it you ought to just lighten up. I get along with people. I like people and they generally like me because I’m a friendly guy.

But I apparently surprise people. I have lots of different people that I call friends. I don’t mind that they have very strong and often opposing views from mine. I am open minded. I am a liberal thinker who enjoys differing opinions. Yet I rarely party, don’t have tattoos or piercings, am not a professor, love Jesus, read my Bible and go to a very conservative church.

Someone recently was quite surprised to find that I purported to be a Christian although I was someone who she thought was not a jerk. I said “Thanx.” She was a lesbian and socialist. One of those things, I am not. My Democrat friends are always astounded that I am not offended by capitalism. I love capitalism. The idea that I should be able to work hard, benefit society and in return receive the fruits of my labor, seems intuitive to me. Any Give & Take relationship beats the alternatives. G&G or T&T are the basis of a corrupt society. I am not overwhelmed by the image of a cold, cruel, evil capitalism that threatens to enslave the world. I realize that Capitalism can be moderately regulated by a few firm laws and that the responsible firms will create a win/win situation for our world.

Although I am a Christian, I absolutely do not want my laws to be based on any one particular religion. Today it may be my religion but tomorrow it may be someone else’s. Of course I have strong opinions about abortion and capital punishment and gay marriage and refugees and illegals and what-not. I feel like we can create a system that helps us all get along while protecting our individual freedoms. My religious views on the subject are absolutely irrelevant.  There are sins that are evil and sins that are deviations. We should make laws that discourage evil. Your deviant sinfulness is between you and God and rarely affects me until some socialist government takes my money to help you deal with the consequences.What?! Yes, I said it. If you messed up, you should be held responsible. I should not be made to support those who cannot support themselves. Do I believe in charity? Absolutely! But a personal approach is a moral imperative that should not be dictated by government. Certain escapes should be made to protect vulnerable people from predators, but for the most part I believe that we get ourselves in our own messes. I know there are racist, sexist and otherwise bigoted people. They have a right to be nasty. I don’t generally hang out with mean people though. They seem to enjoy hating each other though, so who am I to judge? As long as I am protected from their evilness, I am happy to go on loving my people.


My conservative friends know that I go to church and think I am one of them. I just smile and try not to offend them. Yes, this post will probably offend them. Lighten up, guys. I love you. Here are some basics that will help you understand me more. I’ll expound upon it more later.

  • I believe in freedom for all citizens who do not impede others’ freedom.
  • People work harder and make life better for everyone if allowed to enjoy the fruits of that labor.
  • People become more efficient at providing for themselves and others if they are allowed to truly prosper.
  • People need to be able to express themselves creatively without fear of permanent legal ramifications.
  • Capitalism encourages production and will make this world a better place for all.
  • If everyone gets rich, that’s OK. I don’t hate richer people for having more than me.
  • There are nice people. Let them prosper and they will take care of the needy.
  • There will always be those who are smarter, more creative and more productive than I am. I hope they thrive.
  • Individualism is fun. I am so glad other people are not like me.
  • Capitalism creates a lot of fun stuff. Have fun with it. It’s not a sin.
  • Don’t just tolerate folks. Love each other. Then we can be more productive and create more stuff.
  • Work well with others. You’ll be more productive and so will all those weirdos that are different from you.
  • If we all create plenty and are allowed to buy & sell plenty, we tend to chill and love people more.

Liberal Capitalism will create a more fun and peaceful world for all. Embrace it… and one another. Unless you stink. Then just give me a fist pump.

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